right eye

You AIN'T my
Bitch #$%&*#
Obamamobile Registered Trademark of Government Motors Corp.
when i sent for Your President Obama to My Country i Told Him that What he Does with the Cash is His Business and that it Makes No Mind to me as Long as i get my 380 trillion by friday!
Discuss belittle drag through the mud. are you better off in the new Obamanation
Voice your opinion here..
Unsightly Pre-cancerous Mole
Watch a George Bush Animation i Made
Iran Who?
Help i'm Barrack
Trust us We are Way Too Big To Fail
Long Wang
Global Warming is Real..
Buy Canadian Real estate Now!!
This Dude Owes Me Money all i ask
is that you let me set up Millitary installations in Florida and new Mexico. and i will cut you some slack. Otherwise i will Have to Call in the Notes Now. and that would be bad for everybody. you dont want me to have to get tuff do you. come on be reasonable.
Snidley "Whiplash" Husein Obama
Come on Down To the Corner of washington and pennsylvania ave where his Taxes are INSANE!!
we are watching you. wanna see what i learned about you when you came here?
He Said it Not Me!
I Never Saw This Comming
NostraDamos II
Maybe it's Just Me But the Guy Bums Me Out Who does he think he is spread the wealth. My ass it's my Taxes and i just Fuckin do Not want to give it to the Chinese or big fucking banks or car companies. got it you flakey fucker
this shits gettin way too complicated for me
there are white folks and then there are ignorant mother Fuckers like you
now you know that guy aint shit sorry ass mother fucker got nothin on me right nothin
you aint my bitch nigger buy your own Damn fries
sure you can have my Number Baby
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Some Famous Quotes
if the Mayans are Correct i Barrack H Obama Will Be The Last President of The United States When The World ends on
December 21st 2012
The Process of being Obamafied
as in Changed Permanently and irreperably Different
able to be Obamafied
What you say when Obamafied
To Obamafy
The Study of Obamafication
Having Been Obamafied
One Who has Been Obamafied
Now that we Need Lots of Money. Selling Weed is a Good Thing.. Very Taxable..
i Could have Paid your Mortgage for a year. yeah you! everybodies all of ya. but i'm giving it to the banks. oh yeah ..i own em NYA HA HA..
Me Thinks ya Dont get it. Let Me Make it Clear
We dont Borrow Money Other Countries are Supposed to be Borrowing Money from us.
yes i did i smoked a Little Marajuana Back in School in fact i tried a little lsd, and snorted some coke here and there. i hung around a lot of controversial people and went to a pretty strange church. these things have in no way affected my Judgement. no i have not ever had an "actual" job but i have visited Many Places Where Actuall Jobs Were Being Performed and Believe you me it Looked Really tough.
when we were kids we called him the big B.O
Weirdo comes to mind. just a Weirdo Can't even Speak the truth he Shoulda Yelled Yeah Go man go. the iranians wanted his help but no he plays it safe "what if armadillojob puts down the rebellion he will never speak to me again".what a fink. a weasley thing. just a word. i mean just say the truth tell him that if he has nothing to hide and the election was legit just recount the votes whats the prob. if they need help with the recount we have a lot of guy's down in florida that are experts in hanging chads and the like. Nope he just wants to wait and see how events turn out just sit there and remain neutral and not get anybody excited. while i see pictures of women being shot and killed. weirds me out. we are the world police in iraq but in other places we are the world chickens. but then again maybe he is right to hold his tongue after all we shoot student protesters too dont we, ya'll remember Ohio "you know crosby stills and nash and Young".
it's what governments do when they dont want the citizens looking where they keep their little black secrets.
ya you da man
Obama man
if anybody can
Obamas da man
a man for change
a man with no brains
when he preached about change
the man with no brains
never said  loose change.
but the man with no brains sped on like a train.
too many pockets to drain.
spending money like droplets of rain.
slow down we said to the man with no brains.
we did not mean spend all the change.

Join us for the End of the World  Party Midnight december 20th 2012 free admission Hot Dogs and RC cola will be served a national day of debt forgiveness will be pronounced nullifying all our national debt.
i would just bet that obama was the dude in high school that snitched the guy's off for not wearing their jock strap...
A Pair-o-Dee's Production
This in case you are unaware is a Political Parody Making fun of Our Goverment in Action. Parody is a Protected Right and a Peacefull way to Show Discontent with Our Government or it's Policies
Disclaimer reddingpolicedept.com and reddingcityhall.com are Privetly Owned Websites and are to be Considered Parody. We Reserve the Right to Poke Fun at anyone Without Notice at anytime Even the Downtrodden Masses we Have Become. as for the word obamanation it is Public Domain and as for the first time the name of a song called obamanation Occured you Need to check out the creative commons License entered by me way before anybody else called their song by that name for my tune called obamanation on soundclick.com
there have been
Other People
Looking at This!
Nasa Has informed President Obama That Acorrding to new Data the Mayans and Nostradamus were Correct. the theory that the world will end on december 23 2012  is true new sightings of supernova have been calculated to engulf the planet with Gamma Rays precisely on that date Instantly incinerating the entire planet in just a few nano seconds. it will be as if we never existed. and this explains the Presidents Non attention to the national deficit i mean so what if we spend our childrens future they havent got one. so the joke is on the chinese
No Really
Take Me To Your Leader....
with the money i already spent on the stimulus package i could have bought each and every American a Cadillac Escalade and a year supply of gas .. so how do ya Like me Now?
I'm Gonna Give it to the Chinese  NYAAAH ha ha
Come on guy's this is america we are leaders not Borrowers. it's in you it's in every American ingenuity Ability Stamina Inteligence it's in there yes we can make a Pipe Wrench Faster than the Chinese. we can make t.v's better and cheaper than the Koreans. sure we can Let's Get the Lead out Pull up Our Socks and Get Going. invent Inovate conservate expediate.
it's Hammer Time.
if you see or hear something of yours i might have inadvertantly swiped i am sorry i get excited sometimes. Do Not Blow a Gasket Just Let me Know What Belongs to you and i will remove it Right away. if you see Something here that Pisses you Off But you do not Hold the Copyright to it Tuff Titties. i find things all over the net and it's really hard to guess which things belong to somebody that gives a shit and dont want me using it and the things that nobody cares about. like the Jimmy Stewart Movie it's a wonderfull Life that thing is Public Domain and so is much of the Music you hear on this site. i get much of it from the internet archive.org like i said if you own it and me using it pisses you off just let me know and poof it's gone.