Fake News!

What the hell man, stimulus my butt.
Just give me some money thats all..
just stinking give it to me
i want the money i Promise to spend
a crapload of it. just give it to me.
Not all of it not even a billion
how about just a large grocery bag of 20 dollar bills. Yeah man just give me a big bag of cash and i will stimulate the hell out of the economy. Imediatley if not sooner. I need new tires on the car. My daughter needs her tuition paid then there's the books and my past due dentist bill. The washing machine just tweaked again i probably should get a new one.  The insurance guy is bitching about the boy bashing into something or other after borrowing my truck one evening last week. My health insurance costs over 500 bucks a month and no dental. first 500 deductible and only pays a portion of the meds cost. Just Give me the stinking money not the car companies, you ass!
give me some of the dough. I want it i really do. send it to me or i can come and pick it up.
Which ever is more convenient for you.
I have an old truck i can come to pick it up with but i dont think it will hold over a million or so but i can make two trips if thats ok. Quit being such a stuck up tighty. And kick me down some of the loot. I am the guy that needs the cash not joe the plumber not the union workers. Me i am the one the needy guy. 55 disabled social security disability income of a whopping 600 lousy dollars a month after driving a truck for 25 years and then injuring my back at work and i get 600 bucks a month and have to pay my own health insurance and pay all the bills really blows chunks man. Give me the money why the hell give it to gm or those f...ing bank buttknobbers. I am busted dry and sinking fast.
I am willing and able to spend a whole bunch of that stimulus money really really fast.  i promise i will not squirill it away. i solemly swear to blow every dime i can in as short of period of time as possible till its all gone.

Cash for Clunkers Cash Denied
Cash For Clunkers Has Been a Disaster for the Dealers Who Placing much undeservered Faith in our New Leaders Stimulus Plan seems that there is billions in crummy old cars sitting around on their lots and not much cash is getting passed out even after filing all of the paperwork few have been actually paid anything yet still waiting just like most americans and trying to keep the faith but its wearing thin. nerves are frayed tempers are aboil but the cities are yet to be set ablaze and that was taken as a sign of confidence that the plan was working by the leading democrats. Nasty Buttlosy the house speaker said that since the mobs had not actually set fire to the cities it was a sign that the stimulus plan was on track and should kick in just about in time to be able to pay for more firefighters to extinguish the expected fire storms. Just think soon you will not have to pay for your mother or grandfathers health services .you will save thousands by just denying care to the elderly infirm and lacking. Even the mentally challenged might be encouraged to consider end of life counseling. If many of these less than perfect or challenged people choose to terminate themselves the cost savings would be considerable. So let me get this thing strait let me twist my feeble mind onto this concept you spew. You do not want to treat grannies lumbago but you want to buy a ton of old worn out blazers? i do think that is what you are gettin at here. save money by letting grannie croak off. And at the same time pay for her old car so junior can drive a new one.No wait a minute this is supposed to be a story about the cash for clunkers. Or maybe its about skeevey ideas taken to far by a lopsided government that thinks it has the ability neigh the right to determine the value of a human life when it cannot even estimate the cost of a bunch of old cars. Just blows my mind.......
                Save the Chevy's or save the grannies it's up to you..

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Your Grandmother
A chevrolet
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