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What about MAM "Mothers Against Mens Shit"
Naw. "Mean Ass Monster Stuff" Nope. it's what you address a Woman as "isn't it".
yeah i Know that there is a Punctuation in the word but i assert it was put there by a Male to Diffuse the real meaning.
what is it why do we use it where did it come from what are it's Origins. Lets Look into it.
I think this Mam thing needs a Much Closer Look i Really think This Might Be a Gripping Topic. Something i Can really wrap my Senses around. Something Hidden Something Amazing.
Madam, Madame, ma'am, or Mme is aTitle for a Woman It is derived from the French madame, the equivalent of Mrs or Ms, and literally signifying my Lady." The plural of madam in this sense is mesdames. The French madame is in turn derived from the Latin mea domina meaning 'my mistress' of the home (domus)."Madam" may also refer to a woman who runs a Brothel
Thats What wiki pedia Wants you to Think i Believe it Refers to a Very Familiar Female attribute The Mammary. i Cant Prove it Yet but when we Men address a Woman with this Moniker we are Always looking at them.
the Women are always trying to find New ways to Present them. i Mean Pointy Madonna Bras. Lift and seperate Girls. Surgery to implant Bags of Goo to Make them Much More Noticable. very large Mammary Glands are all the Rage these days. Big Giant Hanging Flesh Bags Stuffed with Plastic Bags of Goo. yet wiki pedia Denies the Significance of the Common Tittie. Breast or Mammary Whatever you Might refer to them as they are Prominate. they stick right out front,
they are common and abundant. Statistics say that there are twice as many women alive at any one time on the earth than men. that means that there are Four times the Number of Titties Than there are Men at any given time.
Since Every Woman has Two of them.
That Surely Must Raise Some Concern in Men.
Elongating the Problem is the Resistance to Confront the Matter Head on. to Probe in Depth the Significance of the abundant Mammary Gland.
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Well ok
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Health Care
Heres Where it is for Me and Mine i Got a family i am disabled and cannot work. my wie is a Nurse she earns about 3,000 dollars a month i get 600 each second wednesday of each month disability money. we have two vehicles and have to pay insurance for these 100 dollars a month. so now we got 3500 dollars. then there is the pge electrical bill. with the swamp cooler running all day it gets to 115 alot in the summer here. the bill can be as high as 400 dollars a month. so now we got 3100 dollars left. if we eat each day and have three meals a day. i guestimate the cost of six meals a day for the both of us. at five bucks per meal is 30 dollars a day times 30 days a month. we spend about 900 a month on food. so now we got 2200 dollars left. oh yeah the house insurance costs 180.00 a month.
so now we got. 2020 dollars left
i guess i might have to drive to the store and such. my wife has to drive to work each day so lets just say about 200 bucks a month for gas because its a thirty mile commute into town to the store and her work place. so now we got about. 1800 dollars left.
my teeth all went bad awhile ago and they pulled them all out and made me a dandy set of dentures to use however our health insurance will not cover dental. any way the bill for the teeth was over 10,000 dollars we pay the dentist 200 dollars a month for that bill nice guy let us make payments. now we got about 1600 dollars left.
oh yeah what about the car payment got a 93 toyota from the car lot. roger funk i think. anyway he carries his own papers that means he charges 25 percent interest and will send in the goons to either get the cash or reposses the car if we become errant in out prompt payment of 200 dollars a month ok lets see we got almost 1400 dollars left. so good so far right. oh wait i forgot about the 1,000 dollar health care insurance from the guardian insurance company. ok so that leaves 400 dollars extra well thats not so bad is it. am i forgetting something. oh yeah what about the house the mortgage i forgot about that entirely well we can put that on the visa card? what they cancelled it! theres a bunch of big nazi looking guy's outside wanting to take the toyota anybody want to rent me a place for 400.00 a month till i can figure this out  
the other side of the coin
what if i Mean Just what if men bought bras for their parts like ball enhancers or Penis enlargers so that we could lift our thingies and maybe a bulge all the way down our left leg to our knees. how about neon leds at the end that shine right through our pants. really tight stretchy pants with cod pieces to strut our stuff but for gods sake never talk about it if a woman says anything about your huge genitals showing we could have her arrested for sexual assault. like i mean big tittie women enhancing their boobies and getting upset when men look or say anything about them its like bait and switch. i want to know what i should say howdy mam you sure got big titties. or wow look at those artificially enhanced hooters. baby you got a set of milk bags. how can a male express his desire to fondle those things or just express his opinion about them in a civil and polite manner. what i am getting at its just not fair if a good looking woman was to walk up to most men and say how do you like my titties or would you like to fondle my ass that would be perfectly acceptable to most men exciting even. but lo to the male that would express any such sentiment for fear of jail and long term imprisonment or maybe social disgrace at the least. instead of it takes alot of balls we ought to say it takes a big pair of tits to get away with that.
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