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Hey Arnold
Why flibbermegiblets  Son it's a Dern War Against dem feriners skitterin all ober Duh place willy nilly widout as much as a by your leave or excuz me fer Noticin. By and by twill be time ta Grab ya Pitchfork and see the Gubener up Close Parlay us a Real Good Deal and git our way ainagonna be nobody crossin Dat Line nomoe widout Proppa idenyfiation  paipers or dey gotta answer to me an mine. Pitchfork in ma Hand. den dey Gonna go Back ober da Ribber an stay put dare. Sure ting dats a Tru Story you Betcha it be. Alrighty. Nat Much you Gonna Do Bout it Dats Da Gospel it Sure be.
And another thing is'nt it weird how They Keep Telling us It's Not About the oil. England lets that Murdering Coward go. We are still in Iraq. Haliburton is Still in Iraq. We Said we Were Going There to Get the Imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction. I think the Real Reason is Far More Basic Than that i Think Georgie Junior Just had a Hardon For saddam and took the tradgedy of 911 to jump all over the guy that he thought humiliated his Daddy. and the oil was just a big extra. we need a country in the oil rich middle east so we can maintain our oil Supply we are gonna end up fighting everybody for it. we are Addicted to it. The More the Chinese use the less we get the more the indians use the Less we get. sooner or Later we are going to have to fight every oil using Nation to Support our Growing Oil Habit. Wanna bet me that we won't
the oil Companies like bp,standard oil and the others are the real Too Big to Fail Businesses that are running the Planet. It's all that money that will keep us from getting off the oil Habit. They have more of the money than we do and therefore cannot be Controlled. They do not like Alternative energy Despite their Commercials to the Contrary.and will not willingly Give up their Grip on our Economy. unless they do we will all end up in a world war over oil. And there may be no Survivors.
People Keep dissing California we cannot Manage our Money we Cannot do anything we are Broke. Some of the things we did do was Mandate the strictest Air Quality Laws in the Country. One of the byProducts we got for Letting all those Damned Enviro Nut's Have their way was we Outlawed off Shore Drilling on Most of our Coast. Sooooo  all you People that were going to Vacation on the Gulf Coast Should just Come here instead. we Got Pristene Beaches no oil here. We got Better surfing and Bigger Fishes than they do. And we will Bust our asses to Get your Money away from you.  Even if we Have to Bust a Cap in your ass to Get it. Our Traffic Fines are the Highest in the World. So go ahead and Race around. See if we Care our Department of Motor Vehicles is one of the Worlds Largest Bureauocracies it Needs those Monies from the Parking and Speeding tickets to Survive. So come on everybody Visit California Instead... "we Dare you" Come see Beautifull Downtown Compton.
Visit Scenic inglewood. Cruise Down Historic Torrance Blvd.
This Story is about me and the unions that a lot of Americans have become to Hate. I think that the Reason Many do not like unions is that they are not in one.  I could write about how Employers used to Lock the Doors after you arrived at work so you could not Leave untill your shift was over. Your boss telling you that you would work 20 hours today instead of the usual 16 and do it for free or else. It was a bad thing Employers could do just about anything they wanted. Till the unions began to form to protest the unsafe and intolerable conditions that often were imposed by unscrupulous Bosses your Government did not and as i will show. Still will not Protect the Worker my story begins in the seventies. thats when i failed to graduate from High School. And went to work instead. Most of the time i only earned minimum wage. A thing thought up by the Unions. But as i was to find out later in life that this was not the main

Concern. After starting my own family and working at many low wage manual labor jobs. I became a Delivery truck Driver. This was a good thing at least i thought so. I Drove my own Truck and was paid for my time and given a seperate Check for Expenses "mileage and stuff for the truck" this is how they Pay a So Called Private Contractor.
Turns out that by doing so Employers do not have to contribute to workers Comp or pay Social Security Taxes. All of this being the Responsibility of the Employee "me" after almost Twenty Years of Driving to the Coast and Back i was Becoming Concerned about What was going to Happen when i was too old to Drive anymore. And looked into the "private Contractor Thing. Turns out that My Employer Cannot Classify me or you as a Private Contractor if they Require you to Be at Work at a Specific time or if you have to be SomeWhere at a certain time. Or many other Reasons that are Explained in the Governments Rules on the Subject. Employers use this Private Contractor thing to Save them a Buttload of Cash. Well anyway after working for Many Years Driving a Truck 500 Miles a Day and Making Many Delivery Stops from redding to Crescent City six days a Week without ever having a Vacation. not one in fifteen years.. I Fell off the Loading Dock While trying to Load my Truck one Morning. An ambulance Came to get me as it would seem that i could not stand up because of the pain.. Guess What i did not get any workers Compensation i did not get any medical assistance from my Employer my job was filled by a new guy the next day.  I got a Bill from the Emergency Room for 14,000 Dollars. I had 72.67 in the bank and was Planning to Use that to Buy food for my Four Children. So within 45 days i got an Eviction Notice Pge Turned the Power off. I could not walk. My wife took a job caring for an elderly man and managed to make enough money to keep us afloat. I Eventually was able to start to hobble around but driving and loading the truck was not possible because of the pain and the fact that the only way i could even stand up was to take my Pain Medication. but by doing so made it illegal and unsafe for me to Operate a Motor Vehicle. I applied for disability and was denied. so i had to hire one of those law guy's you see on the Commercial's. after 18 months of the Lawyer guy Fighting the social security People i was Finally declared Disabled.
However since my Employer Never Paid anything into Social security i was told that i would only Receive 700.00 a Month. This bummed me out. so i Researched the Laws about Private Contractors even Further. it Would Seem that if an Employer Declares you a Private Contractor and for any Reason it turns out to be Erroneous the employer Shall become Responsible for all Back Taxes and any monies due the State or Feds even the Back Social Security they never took out of my Check. So i took my Research to the Social security People and it's Several Years Later and i Still only get 700 a month. My working life Still Ended i am still in Great Pain. the company i worked for still Classifies all their Employees as Private Contractors. When ever an employee is injured or for any reason they decide they do not need him  he is just gone. one guy i used to work with stayed there untill he was 72 years old and he too hurt himself and he got nothing from those guys nada even after working for that company for 25 years he was just replaced and forgotten the next day. So i say Even though there are Labor Laws. many Employers will do whatever they want. even if it is illegal. the Government will not help you or even enforce the Existing Labor Laws. In my Mind a Union is the Only Institution that will ever do anything to help you. mostly because you pay them to do so. by Paying your union dues.. thats all you got unless you want to Count on Your Employer to do the Right thing and help you out when a Disaster Strikes you. But for me My Boss Said to my Face the last Time i Saw him was "We have to do Whatever is Best for the Company". And they did. they forgot about the fifteen years i worked everyday sixteen hours a day on time everyday and never missing one stop or even a single day. i Showed up every day Sick or not i went to work every day no matter what. I needed the money to feed my Family. my Employer  had a new guy within 24 hours and could not care less about me or my family.. just doing "whatever is best for the Company" i Guess. Unions yes Glen Beck No. Thats what i Say. hooray for you guy's that are in unions and get pensions and medical ins. Good for you
Stay union Solidarity is the Workers only hope to Fight against Companies "Doing What Ever is Best for the Company"... LW.
I Visited Weed Once But i Did Not Like it and
i Did not Inhale
Progress HMMPH!
The Future PHOOEY!
Mankind HUMBUG!
Human Rights HOOEY!
Freedom HA!
Equality YARIGHT!
Mental Health NOT!
President PINHEAD!
Democracy POO!
Social Security OXYMORON!
War  No thanks I ALREADY HAD SOME!
Education YATHINK!