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Vee Dee Vowdee Voodie!
Well ok Then
It's a Good Day for a State Stompin i Guess
Whats with Venti Grande Croisant .Have you ever heard a Frenh Guy try it our way the Wrench Not "croysant" Crescent. Oh Look Mabel Can you see the Beautifull Croisant Moon. Just sounds silly.. some of us even try and roll our RRRS like they do. When  we go to starbucks or even burger king i hear People Trying to Pronounce it with some kind of Phony accent. Its a Damn Crescent Roll
we are not in france even if we were and we Pronounced it like we do the french guy would Probably not Understand our insane attempt at Speaking french. And go piss in the Street. If you say you want a large cup of coffee at Starbucks they point to the little arrangement of Cups and make you ask for it in italian... Grande my ass  just give me a Big ole Cup of Cofee and Quit Wasting my Time.
Kinda Bums me out the way we are Supposed to Bend English to fit What somebody thinks is Sheik. I mean the Roll was'nt made in france it was made by a local Bakery for Burger king. The coffee you Order may or may not be from italy but you can bet that the cup was'nt made in italy it was  made in china. Why do we bend to try and sound like we are from somewhere else. Are we not Proud of Our Language are we Not Americans. Do you hear the Guy's that run the Mini Market Down the Street trying to Pronounce our Language Correctly. Maybe but Just enough to sell us a Croisant Sandwich. I Will Tell you in Plain English "that i aint nevah gonna eat no Quiche or order no Venti not no how not no way uh uh no sireebob"
not me i want a Crescent Roll with Ham and some Cheeze wiz. So if Starbucks don't like it.
i say
Big ole Cup of Jave Honey. Or i will just get it Somewhere Else...
Arizona Arizona the Feds are Coming after you how Dare you try and Protect yourselves. How Dare you infringe on the Rights of Illegal aliens and try to send them back. The federal government is doing that for you. for your own good.. Uncle Obama Knows How to Do it and is very angy at you for trying to take some of his authority away from him. he is giong to beat the hell out of you tonight after School. He thinks you will be an easy fight he never Chooses off anybody that poses a risk like China or Korea even iran is too much for him to take on. But you your just a Shrimpy little State and Besides he's got California to Back him up. He will get his way i Bet or he would not Even try. Yup i Think you're Gonna Get a Good ole Fasioned ass Whippin out in the woodshed Tonight. Bad State Bad Arizona how Dare you try to Protect yourselves from the rapes Murders molestations and kidnappings. When you Know your Uncle is in Charge and doing a fine job for you..just like he is doing for everybody else. He Knows that you are a Backward State Living out in the Desert and Don't get around much. that you do not see the bigger Picture. And are hence unable to make rational decisions so he will make them for you. It's for your own Good. I Myself wish you well in your whuppin and am rooting for the under dog as usual
Hey Arnold
If i do Illegal Things i Get Arrested
Every time. i Tried and they Taught me Good. Sorreee won't do that Again.  it kinda Bugs me that "illegal" as in illegal immigrant don't seem to have the same Meaning. i mean what about Sanctuary Cities What the hell is that. Cities Deciding What Laws not to Enforce how about a Sanctuary City For Child Molesters. All it would take is a bunch of Pedophiles to Band together and form a city vote that it's ok. To fondle Little Boy's .
GEE WIZ Fellas if it is against the Law you must Enforce it. Thats what Law enforcement Means. i do not want the Majority to have the right to vote just anyting into existance that they want. there are certain things that are above the peoples law and others are guaranteed by the Constitution  i want law enforcement to enforce the law not to decide sumerarilly which ones to enforce and which to ignore. that is the job of the Courts, Judges and juries not the cops or the mayors. if you want to change the immigration policies you have to vote for it not just ignore existing laws to get your way
the same thing go's for Weed. Arnold
the feds say it's a bad thing and it's their job to enforce pot laws. they do not because the administration looks the other way. Look the Other way for California but not for Arizona gonna kick their ass.. weird set of double standards methinks...
Hey i got another ubsurd idea how about Getting the Family of that Rancher That was Killed to file a Lawsuit against the feds for not doing their job. You could get Arizona to testify about the derilection of duty and gross negligence on the part of the feds that lead Directly to the Untimely Death of that innocent Rancher. Sue them into doing their job Right. i mean if the feds would have done their job he would not have died alone in the desert at the hands of a illegal dope smuggling child molesting criminal that just walked across the border and killed somebodies dad because there was no feds there to stop him..  Maybe then you can repeal the border law and the feds will do their job and get a handle on the border situation ya think.
Wow Today i was Watching Fox News "ok ok so what i watch it Sometimes" and our wise and Educated Master of the English Language arnold Swarzthenegger.
Jumped off the deep end and got all huffy Puffy about arizona cancelling a meeting with a bunch of Border States  and Mexican Governors. And my thoughts we're he never even asked why. he just burst out with more anti Arizona pooey without even Knowing anything about it. What a Creep! It was the Mexican Governors that Screwed it up because they were sour Graping Arizonas new illegal immigrant Laws. Which by the  way are much more Lenient than the ones Mexico has. "weirdo"
Hey Arnold Get a Clue.
Listen Before you Leap