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 Fake News!
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Drill Drill Again!
Well ok Then
11 Russian Spies we're Captured Today 8 have been taken into Custody three have Eluded Capture. Police Spokesman D.Dooright Said these three Suspected Russian Spies are Extremely Dangerous if you See them
Please Call 1-800-isnitch
Just A bad day for Shrimpin i Guess
They Want to Start Drilling Again
They Say it,s Safe. this Thing was A Fluke a Lemon Snikety "an unforseen Series of Events". A one in a Million Disaster and not Likely to Occur Again. Makes Me Wonder About the AWhale you Probably heard about it. a giant oil Skimmer as long as Three foot Ball Fields thats pretty big it must have cost a big sack of money to build a thing like that. What i am Looking at is. on one hand you got the oil people telling you they need to get back to work. i would tend to Agree With them. We need the oil and the workers need to get back to work. This is a Given. What i am weirding out about is who Paid to Build that Multi Million Dollar Giant Oil Skimmer Ship. If it's Safe to Continue Drilling why the Need for a Giant Skimmer  if this kind of thing is not going to happen again. Who would invest Many Millions to Build a Ship whose only Purpose is to Collect millions of Gallons of oil that are not going to be there. Maybe there is stuff they are not Telling us. some inside information that would make a Billionaire want to invest in the Largest Single Purpose Oil Skimming Ship in The world. I Mean it's a Brand New Boat so Somebody or Somebodies are Betting That oil Drilling in the ocean is Quite unsafe..
Spies Captured
I will Be Here as Long as it Takes
Oilcan Tony
When ?
You yes you do you really think that the great big british Pollution Corporation is going to put everything Right  fix the hole in the bottom of the sea clean all the birds rbuild the eco system of the entire gulf of mexico. Methinks not! words like Kaint  unrepairable ruined comes to mind are they really gonna give you a paycheck for ever! because they killed the shrimp and you cant fish anymore? again not likely. They will give up sooner or later and just stop cutting checks. Way before i start eating gulf shrimp again. i can promise you that. I I Aint gonna eat no greasy crawdaddies no siree bob. Not never not no how! bp is gonna bail out right after they feed out the 20billion in that trust fund and you can bet that who ever is administering  that big bag of money will be dippin into it a little you know for expenses and he is gonna have to hire some helpers and get a big office building and some cars a few jets and the like. then maybe he can disperse the rest wait i forgot about the investigators you know to protect against fraudulent claims. How many fingers will be in the Pie before poor bubba Gump gets his cut. i bet plenty kinda like the twenty bucks you actually get when you get cancer and join a class action suit against asbestos manufacturers. You guy's down there are gonna get screwed i just feel it coming don't you.
Shrimpin is like a promise from BP
"you never get what you Think you are gonna get"