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Save the Bison Now!
Even though they are not yet an endangered specie. The American Bison is Under Attack. there are Sinister Forces Working Feverishly Behind the Scenes to Modify their main Source of Legislate the amount of Calories and the type of food consumed by the Bison. To limit the amount of McDonalds allowed to exist in their main habitat Walmart. The Reasoning for this Line of Thought is that it is unsafe to travail the many isles of Walmart without incurring Damage either Physical or Mental from being exposed to the constant delay's and Traffic Violations often occuring there. Being Very Heavy and Awkward Moving they Tend to Knock things Over. Seemingly unable to Judge their own Girth in Confined Spaces Combined with their Penchent for Sudden Stops and Unanticipated Directional Deviations the Bison are Putting Our Lives in Danger and Making the Shopping Experience and yes Many other Public Functions are also reduced in Pleasantness by thir very Presence.
The Danger of Suffocation Cannot be ignored. They Should Have their Behavior Monitored and Corrected if Possible by themselves or if not by Legislation. Many others have the opposing View that they are
and Should be allowed to be as they are. we at the Fake news are of this ilk. And Believe that the American Bison Should be Allowed to Roam Free and they should be allowed to consume as many french fries and chocolate shakes as they See fit.  You Can Donate To The Save the american Bison Project By Clicking the Button Below.
Have you ever or are you now being Wrongly Accused of Being a Bison. Has the Ham Handed Heavy Weight of  Society been used to Skewer you. Do you feel Cheetoed by the succulance of the Deep fried  Southern attitudes cooked up against you. Are you part of a merangue whipped up about the way you eat. Do you feel the Hunger to just Butter over the need to be like all the other Cupcakes and Twinkies. consumed by the Desire to Melt away the Soft Sweet Smell of the Caramel Colored Nougat. And get right to the Center of the Bisquit. And reduce the acidity to a minimum to Begin to chew the fat about the Excess Juices Flowing into the stewpot of your Life. And enjoy the fruitfullness of your endevors to be accepted as you are instead of having the fibre of it Mashed or Sweetened by Artificial Means so as to make it more Palletable for the Cheesey Mass Consumable Salts that Pepper the World
Donate to the American Save the Bison Fund. Every Dollar you Give Go's Directly to Purchase Coupons and advertisements for free French Fries and Chocolate Shakes. Help the American Bison and  fight Legislation that would impede their natural habits or their Movements in Public areas by Donating Generously to the Save the Bison Foundation
If you are hungry now you are a Bison
An American Bison Sniffing a Dogs butt.