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Run Get Out of There!
Oil Can Harry
Hurricanes are Coming to the Gulf!
Run Panic or you will be Killed
BP'S New New Plan
Run Panic Get in Your Car and Drive Get the hell out of there Hurricanes are Coming you will Die. Run Panic Move. Take your Precious Belongings and Get the Hell out of there While You Still Can. The Hurricanes are Going to Pick up the Oil and Antifreeze that BP Poured into the Gulf. it will Kill You!. it will rust Big holes in Metal. the oil mist in the air will get into your lungs and kill you ethylene Glycol is Poison it will kill You! You Will Die! RUN NOW. It Can't BE Fixed it's not Going to Be ok. It's BAD Really Bad . Obama Can't Fix it British Petrolium Can't fix it. You are Going to Die. If you do not Take Action Now Right NOW. You will Breath in the toxic Fumes that will be Picked up by the Hurricanes and it will Kill you Dead. the Buzzards will Pick your Bones.. Panic Now. This is Real Run Run Far away. Head for the west Coast and Save yourselves By any Means drive Run Put on your Tennis Shoes and run time is of the Essence.
The Staff at the Weed Weekly Fake News Wants to be the First to Offer our Sincere Condolences to Barrack Bama on his impending Defeat in the upcoming Presidential Election.
It was real and it was nice but it was'nt Real nice. Republicans are already moving to Repeal Obamas Health Care Bill and to Chizzle out the Faces of all of the statues of him. Government Scribes are presently altering the future history books to remove all mention of Barrack Obama and Legislation is being considered to make refering to the Name of Barrack obama a Misdemeanor.
British Petrolium Has Killed the Planet With Their Careless Attitude and Bad Practicices we will be lucky to have any Human Beings survive at all. The Ocean is Dieng The air is thick With Toxic Ethylene Glycol Gas the Ocean Currents are Spreading the Stuff all over the Planet no Need to Worry about the Future there is'nt one.
Secret Leaked Bp's New Plan is Nothing More than a Vacuum Daigram For a 1977 Toyota
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Barrack and Oil Can Harry