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Bp's Secret New Plan Edition!
Close up of  Barrack Obama Squeezing the Life out of an Actual Oily Duck
5,000 feet of rope
Oily Duck
Leaking  Well head
Bp's New High Tech Secret Plan for Stopping the Biggest oil Spill in United States History. A Bp Spokesman who Revealed to our own Smokie "roach" Grassman that he was Actually More Qualified to Deal with Spokes . Also Leaked this animation of how the Proceedure will be Carried out.
BP has Secretly Been Gathering up the Dead Oily Corpses of Sea Birds and is planning to Lower them into the Hole in hopes that this New Method will Not only stop the leak but also hide from public view the thousands of dead marshland creatures killed in this unprecedented accident
Leaked Documents Show New Plan
After the Failed Plan of Pumping Mud and Rubbish down the Hole Bp Has Decided on this Daring new Approach to the Problem. thereby Killing Two Birds With One Stone
as it were...
Professor R.Goldberg of Cambridge has Designed all the Necesary Equiptment and is Ready to Execute this Bold New Approach as Soon as environmental impact surveys are Completed this December Meanwhile all we can do is cross our fingers and hope God will intervene
The Staff at the Weed Weekly Fake News Wants to be the First to Offer our Sincere Condolences to Barrack Bama on his impending Defeat in the upcoming Presidential Election.
It was real and it was nice but it was'nt Real nice. Republicans are already moving to Repeal Obamas Health Care Bill and to Chizzle out the Faces of all of the statues of him. Government Scribes are presently altering the future history books to remove all mention of Barrack Obama and Legislation is being considered to make refering to the Name of Barrack obama a Misdemeanor.