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Well ok Then
 Fake News!
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DA 2ND DADODO Edition!
The Day The Senator Cried the Day the Wetland Died.. The worst disaster ever should have happened never the batteries were dead how lame shame on you shame on you.. You really screwed up all of you BP Obama the future of the whole Gulf Coast Ruined over a few Dead Batteries Thats just way too Much i Say impeach Obama and everybody he brought with him and fire everybody who should have checked the batteries kick BP out of US. Waters. Prosecute everyone that had anything to do with it put them in Prison untill the sun Quits Shining. Making Billions of Dollars  Record Profits My ASS. Now we Know how just ignore the Safety of everyone and everything just pump the Crude as Fast as you Can.. Wow it just Fry's my Eggs. . man you just gotta go i am Never Going to Believe Anything you Say. your Credability is Null.  you suck you wienie whiney Smuck  you Killed a Ton of Little Baby Birdies and all Sorts of innocent Beings From your Greed and inattention not to mention you Screwed up the water for the fishies and they are Dieing By the Thousands While you spend time Campaigning for one of your Cronies Re Election.. that just Gasses me out you are a Rat fink .Obama You are a ineffective Criminal Rat Fink Scourge on the Ass of Society Road Killed Fly Blowed Bovine.
Barrack Husein "DA DODO" Obama
Barrack Husein
"DA DODO"Obama
Barrack Husein "DA DODO" Obama
You and BP Killed This Duck