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Well ok Then
 Fake News!
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DA DODO Edition!
Soooooo  Da DoDo DA DODO tis Still Leaking wads of goo into the gulf and all da dodo can do is say it.s bp's fault wow gee wiz thats a good thing to know how about shut it off da dodo da dodo... Barrack Da DODO Obama Quit Blabbing and Shut the Damn thing off DA DODO. You are Wasting time With lip service i do not care about bp or shit like that shut the God Damn Thing off you ass. DA DODO.. Maybe you should be dipped in it then you could see how all the little fishies you are hurting feel about it. DA DODO. Barrack Obama i Think you are a DODO. Get a big Slab of Concrete and pound it into the Hole. Blow the Thing Shut stop the Damn Leak then Blame BP or Whoever you want But Stop the thing from blowing Chunks all over the Ducks and Dugongs Ya DODO. First you fix it then you blame somebody. you just keep saying its his fault mommy its not my fault the budgets not your fault the deficits not your fault the economys not your fault the jobless rates not your fault Damn i am awfully tired of hearing you say that over and over again you got to be the most it's not my fault leader in the world you really blow chunks every time you open your trap how about fixing something just one thing anything and Quit Whining and cry babying about how everything is somebody elses fault DA DODO
Barrack Husein "DA DODO" Obama
Barrack Husein
"DA DODO"Obama