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Well i took a Vacation with my wife for the first time in 20 years. We drove off in our car from redding ca. And headed to the coast we were eventually going to go to san francisco but we wanted to drive down highway 1 through mendocino and points west. After seeing many wonderous sights we arrived at the golden gate bridge i have never crossed any big bridges like this and have never had to pay a toll for using one. so this was a first time thing for an aging hillbilly. I Pannicked Litterally freaked me out millions of cars all heading willy nilly towards the toll booths .I managed to pull myself together and pay the guy his six bucks to cross the bridge when we got across it the city began rather abruptly my wife said to hang left  i did .next thing i knew i was driving down a street with giant tall buildings so tall they blocked the sun out.. I stayed on highway 101 by following the road signs electric busses kept honking at me. i still do not know for what.  but i made my way to south san francisco thats another san francisco just south of the real san francisco. I went there because i smoke cigars and the city of san francisco voted to ban smoking anywhere. But not in south san francisco thats where we got a room in the Barrio i could tell it was a Barrio because of all of the hispanic dudes Hanging out in front of the Tatoo shop next door to the motel. the Economy inn.. When i went looking for something to eat for dinner i went to a fried Chicken/taco bell place. i felt like an iranian in Happy Camp. It was weird.. the hotel turned out to be alot better than the one we stayed at back in garberville the best western that room cost 140.00 a night and had the hardest bed ever. The economy only cost 65.00 and was Quiet and clean comfy the next morning after we checked out we wanted to see fishermans wharf like most tourists do i had made me a map the night before so i thought it would be an easy thing to do. It was not ..we became lost in the Bowels of the City. Another Prolonged Panic attack was Starting up. we drove up endless skinny streets. the busses still honking at me.. there was a long up hill road in between a bunch of really tall Chrome buildings and right there in the Middle of the road was an evil Old Dark Brick Building Laughing as it consumed all the Vehicles going up the hill.. it was eating everthing in sight.. i freaked out and suddenly turned Right cutting off a Street car. I was  insane panicked i careened up the road untill i saw a sign pointing to the bay bridge i followed them and got on it. and got the hell out of the weirdest city i have ever been in. "ever" scared the hell out of me looking right at a building that was eating cars while sitting at a signal.. on the left was larry flints hustler club and if i wanted on the right side of the road was a shop that said i could gt a theraputic oriental massage  freaky ass piece of crap city can go and .... Itself. Also the bay bridge is the ugliest structure ever made by humans it totally negates the niceness of the golen gate i mean that thing is butt ugly.
San Francisco Edition!
San Francisco