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Well ok Then
 Fake News!
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Drill Drill Drill
Well Well Well.
this is surly Going to Bring out the Enviros enmasse
the Thing Blew up Killed 11 People. That is sad indeed.  Then what. They Put out the fire. it's still Leaking 34,000 Gallons of Crude into the Gulf of Mexico Each day. The Slick Reportedly is Racing across the water Towards Louisiana going to Mess up a lot of Birds in a wetland Sanctuary. "Great Just Great" The Oil Company Claims to Be Spending 6.000,000,000 Bucks a Day to Try and Cap it off. Now they are Setting the Slick on Fire. Global Warming? Wow Great idea Just set it on fire.
Set the Gulf of Mexico on Fire. To fix it. What a Numb Nuts Idea. Why do they not have some kind of Safety Apparatus on these Platforms. Or a cap already sitting on the ocean floor or a valve that can sense the Pressure and flow and Craps it off automatically if it senses that the rate of flow is abnormal. Seems like an easy thing to me. but no nothing. I think that this incident only Shows the Flaws of the drill drill drill idea. After all do we Really Want more Dirty Ducks Walking around on our Tourist Beaches.
Future Dead Duck
Great idea Guy's
Pulleease People Give me a Break.
You can Think up ways to poke a Hole into the Bottom of the Ocean under thousands of feet of sea water you have commercials on tv about how you can curve the drill you can do all sorts of things that are simply amazing but you are like the titanic you do not have enough Safety Equiptment . You only think of the Money and when Something Like This Happens you say Damn howd that happen. You scratch your head.  sit behind your desk Pick your ass and Point your Finger. it just reeks man now i bet you do not stand a Chance of Getting any new well Permits we are losing 34,000 gallons of our limited oil Supply each day Whales and Ducks are Pissed off at you. getting what i want "cheap american Fuel" is put in Question. Oil Guy's you are a Homo
Oil Guy's
Finger Pointing Edition!
Odd McCain had no Brain acted insane Became inane felt your Pain and did Strain to try and regain. Out of the rain. Going against the Grain. yet his fame did Wane.
It was Muslims That Killed Kenny.Worse those that Killed the Gulf