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Well ok Then
Three Toed Obama?
It's as Plain as the Nose on His Face if he don't Give us Something we Really Like we are Going to Hang him up Next Year.  he will Not even be able to Enact a Pack of Gum. it has Already began. But alas methinks he cannot see. Blinded by his Goals and ego. An utouchable "yes i can" Kinda Guy. Time is runnin out. His goals are too Large. Too expensive he will be a two year President. Unless he whips a Rabbit out of his hat real soon. a big Rabbit that we all can share. I Think he Under estimates the Feeling that Fathers and Mothers get When they are forcibly removed from their homes. Or Layed off and we can see him Golfing on tv. It's not Fucking Funny*. He is Sending the Whole Country to Hell in a Handbasket with his efforts to improve our lives by Changing everything at once during a big giant almost depression like era. Just fix What is hurting the worst a Triage unit in the white house is what he needs badly. If he screws this up he will ruin it for anyone that speaks of change the  Good old Boy's majority will say wait a minute we tried that and look where we are now.

 Fake News!
Three toed obama Found.
In an astounding disclosure made by the mcCain rhino.
A new specie has been identified
its a very close relative of the slow loris.. This new animal has been seen to be a very slow moving creature. That can feed upon its own ego for decades. It can consume over 280,000.,000,000 in cash in a single sitting. The amount of waste Generated is Staggering.
Mostly Comprised of Noisy Methane Gas.. And Very little that can be used again.. Oblivious to the Outside World it Tends to Continue on a Path even if it Leads off a Cliff Much Like Lemmings do. The McCain Rhino Recently Discovered By Mormon Explorers in the Pacific Island Area. The Rhino Was Interrogated by Our Own Smokie "Roach"  Grassman about his Happy and Gayness.
And once again the McCain Rhino Denied all alegations about His Being Gay "while i Might be Happy Sometimes. i have Never Been Gay" ..Then Blurted Out that these False Inuendos
.were in fact Started by the Reclusive Hidden Three Toed Obama. Finding the Well Hidden Obama Was Relativly Easy Because he Likes to Hide in Plain Sight and emits a Horrible Toxic Smell Detectable World wide
Did it work did you get the change in politics you needed  i for one did not.. i surley got change but what changed was a ton of gangsters are in the white house Spending Money so Fast they make Drunken Sailors Seem Skin Flintier Than Ebenizer Scrooge.
Money for banks money for car companies money for the Chinese. Money Every Where. Literally Flinging The Stuff Around. Unimaginable Heaps of Money Boxcars Full. If the Money he has Blown already were in hundred dollar bills and loaded on an aircraft carrier it would sink. If you started a large fire with them they could heat 2000 Average American homes for ten years.
If you Bought red Clay Bricks for a Buck each and started building a tower it would make a tower to the moon 400 feet wide. If you divided up the hundred dollar bills among all americans none not the strongest  man could even lift his share into a truck. Not only that it would not fit into a pickup truck. If you stacked them on the bottom of the Ocean a Mountain as high as Everest would Sick up. But i have not gotten one of them i have not had a significant improvement in my Life its still hard to feed the Children and Keep the Power Turned on How Bout You.
Vote Different . As Casey Stengal Said "throw the Bums Out"
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