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Well ok Then
The Economy
well i saw everything today flipped on the news lo and behold a high pitched blond Female was spewing about the economy. It was fixed it was getting better wowie zowie...  it aint came here. I went to walmarts grocery section to get some bread. even there the big cheapy big box Goliath discount walk till you drop store. three bucks a loaf ! i mean plain white wonder bread 3bucks each.. crududlies man... not Pumpernickle not deli dark rye no just plain white bread. if you have to pay 3 bucks for a loaf of cheap white bread how can she say that its fixed. Even if your lucky enough to have a job and a place to be. three bucks come on man somethings not right in denmark. Real estate prices dropping like a stone forclosures everywhere. States flat broke, people living under bridges  Burning their diplomas for heat.
Hoping for some food. When these guy's get this far down in the dumps it's quite impossible to come back. you cant look for work online no computer. you cant get cleaned up no shower under the bridge.  Even if you did manage to get clean and put out some applications  how will your possible employer find you. send a letter to lenny under the bridge usa....not gonna happen.
Oh look mable this guy has all the qualifications and a fine education too bad he forgot to put his phone number on the application ....Flip into the round file you go. Poof gone just like that. They gotta have a place they gotta have a phone. Then maybe they get a job. And after all of these impossible things happen maybe afford to buy a half a loaf of bread a week. PHOOEY i tell you it's not fixed really it's not. Well you better hope they pass the health care thingy the displaced families pushed out of their houses by foreclosure who now reside under the bridge or in the van down by the river usa. Well with 3 dollar bread and no shower or potty you can just bet their health is deteriorating fast. Lots of em Thousands of em all pushed out of their homes by big banks and credit companies. Who by the way we just gave billions and billions of dollars to save us from a fate worse than under the bridge. Methinks the government is wrongheaded nuts teched or something. The banks cant sell the houses that they take. how will kicking the people out of their homes help.. i mean if you let them stay and make the same payment they used to make instead of sticking to the book of arms. And adjusting the variable rate just blow it off and get what you can or renegotiate with the home buyer instead of just booting them out seems like a really stupid case of well if i dont get what i want i will just burn it. and get nothing. i think i would let them know that they are in default and let them stay in the home untill i could find a buyer or they could start making the payments again. No they gotta get the police  put out the occupants board up the windows and leave it sitting empty. Its kinda creepy those adjustable rate  mortgages. The rate you pay is hooked to interest rates so if interest goes up so will your payment.
The loan company cant lose. But what if realestate values plummet. One could easily end up owing more than the thing is worth. The only people that this would effect are speculators. People that collect houses. Not a person that wants to just have a home for his family. As long as he can afford to make the payments he will stay there. We are all going to pay for this mess either way wether fixing their health or fixing their housing or we could just ignore them and let whatever be will be but thats not us
While i like a good Plot
as well as the next guy. I do have a big what the hell type question mark bulging out of the top of my head can you see it. Let me see if i got this straight way back in ago time we got attacked by a bunch of terrorists carrying box cutters. I might be just an old hillbilly but i woulda tried to take it away from him i think.. But thats not the point. After that incident they installed xray machines concocted a homeland security thingy. Started searching lots of people so how come ten years later we see another gut trying the same shit and almost pulling it off. I mean if you are going to stop this kind of shenanigans than do it if your not at least post fly at own risk signs. Its like the border down south a half a fence is like plugging a drain with half a cork it just keeps going. It don't work. You need a whole fence a bunch of crews to maintain it and all that kind of stuff. They worry about troubling the travelers search them all search all the luggage and the cargo search every shipping container on the docks spend the dough and get it done everything else is just a bunch of wasted effort. Fixing half a hole. Georgy bush blew it too i mean the guy that attacked us aint in irac. in my mind we shoulda went to afganistan and marched shoulder to shoulder across that place untill we grabbed that guy and made him say uncle. Went after saddam instead weird. I think he was just pissed off about his dad letting him off so easy in ago time and he used our kick their ass  fervor to attack anybody he wanted to.
If i were king.. When i got to the pakistan border i woulda pulled a john wayne and started lining up tanks along the border and told them to send him out with his hands up or we are coming in after him. started counting down from ten and went in as i got to six.  I guess what i am raving about is if you're gonna do it git it dun no half ass crap if you want a war then have it but kick ass all out gung ho get it done kinda war ahh well thats just me  guess i will just go smoke another reefer and go to sleep.
Its all Better Now!
Economy Pronounced Fixed
 Fake News!
Where the hell is my Rocket pack. Screw Health care and the deficit. I was told that i was going to get a rocket pack. Get to drive Cars with no tires. A Giant Dome over the whole United States. Just So the Missiles can't get in.
I Want my Rocket Pack. Spending Billions on old Stodgy Banks. Spending all the money on stuff i either do not understand or care about.
When i was younger my Parents were poor or at least lower middle class. When we had an illness my mother would take us to our local County hospital.
When you got there the receptionist would screen you to see if you had any dough.
Where do you work?
Where's your husband work? Do you have a bank account. They would treat you no matter what your answers were. And would bill you according to your answers.
They required new doctors to pay off some of their student loans by putting in some time there. They trained the new nurses there. The "For money Hospitals" had to chuck up some donations to the county to help pay for the thing. And in return were granted local tax cuts for doing so. The state also chucked in some cash. As did the feds. The scheme worked very well. They even had a mental health wing. Well for some unseen reason they just up and shut them down. closed em all up. Back in the late seventies. Then everybody that was poor went to the pay for it hospitals Emergency room for everything.
the drug seekers
the runny noses.
It overwhelmed them right away.
Anyway i'm just rattling on . Look the point is go back. Back to the future and re open the county hospitals just help the counties keep the damn things funded.
its a whole lot cheaper to do this than the incomprehensibly Rube Goldberg Plan the Crats are Pitching. Save the dough and build some rocket packs like mister wizard promised me.