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Well ok
To use a Quote from Barrack..
Sorry ass Mother Fuckers Got Nothin on Me Right
If they Think that i am going to fail at this Health Care Thing they got Another thing coming . if i have to i will just do it myself.
Well i have and crafted a deal with walmart to provide health care for everyone. they have agreed to put care centers into each walmart. They will provide health Care for all those people that shop at walmart. This will be a very good way for us to help the Obese underpaid and cheap individuals that tend to shop there.
Studies Commisioned by the State dept. Have Concluded That the cleintelle at Walmart are 37 times more Likely to Suffer from Obesity and be in Poor Health Than the general Public.
In studies and reports we Have also found That the shoppers That Walmart attracts are 75 times More likely to come from Borken homes. and Low income neiborhoods. Also they tended to be over weight by many times the standard for Shoppers at stores like Neiman Marcus.
It just seemed Logical to us. to just let the guy's at walmart do for the medical industry What it did for the prescription drug section of the industry. They have promised to deliver speedy health care fo all. at just four dollars a pop. A spooksman for Walmart Said that They Will import Doctors from Mexico and non citizen Nurses to Keep Costs at a Minimum.
Hell no we're not Trying to Hide it its out there everybody Knows about it your health is directly Connected to your ability to pay for medical care. yes your life is less important than a more popular person. say like a rock star or politician. If you have no cash it is well known that you will not get the same treatment as a guy that has a sack of cash. When you are a Child you are Taught by your teachers that all People are ceated Equal and they are. But as soon as god has finished creating them thats when the differences start to apear. if they are born into a rich american family the going is going to be really smooth. as far as medical care is concerned. It will be considerably different for a child born into a black family from inglewood. One will go to kettering to see his doctor. the other will go to harbor general in torrance. I assure the difference is substantial at one you get doctor house to diagnose you  treat your ailments. at the other you get a 22 year old student intern from beverly hills. that is only there to get in his service to the public time. And then to move on to his own practice in another city he hates coming to work at the shit hole that is the county hospital. if it is even still there. Mostly the indigent or people that just dont have a giant sack of money just go to the emergency room to have their immidiate symptoms cared for. no follow up, no looking into why the patient might be sick in the first place. Just treat the symptoms and boot them out the door. then yell next so the next patient can be served. Really is kind of like a really expensive fast food place the faster they get you in and out "pardon the freudian Slip" the more money they can get. Or is it? Actually the Broke dick patients very seldom even respond to the giant bills when they come in the mail they just toss them out the window. They do not have the means to pay for a visit to the er. they can't hardly feed their offspring and keep the power on. guess what the averae charge for a visit to the emergency room costs over 2,000 dollars for a two hour sit. in a room  to be diagnosed by an intern with the doctor only signing the script they give you when they wheel you out the door.
The ironic thing is that the well to do guy's are the ones that pay for the bills that get tossed uot the window. Thats why you pay a thousand dollars a month for your health coverage and why your employer won't offer medical insurance to his employees because he is already paying for the costs that are incurred by the er for treating the people that will not or cannot pay for themselves. It's kinda funny in a warped sort of way how all the people that want to get helth care fixed almost never pay anyway. and all the folks that like helthcare the way it is are already paying for the deadbeats and poor that won't pay.
Or is it just me...